Ozone Generator Rental

Benefits of Ozone Generator Rental

Why Rent Ozone Generators When You Can Buy One for Much Less?

Ozone is very effective in odor removal from most buildings and spaces because it attacks smoke and other odors at their source. Industrial and professional hospitality companies know this, and some will rent ozone generator machines for jobs with pet odors, smoke odors, and other tough to remove odors. But there is no need for ozone generator rental because of the affordability of OdorFree ozone generators.

OdorFree offers four different models of ozone generators starting at just $299. With many ozone generator rentals starting at as much as $200 for only seven days use (plus shipping), an OdorFree machine will quickly pay for itself.

Odors Can Sometimes Return

While ozone is very effective in removing odors, ozone generators cannot always eliminate the underlying cause. For example, an ozone machine can eliminate tough pet odors, but the pets will continue to make odors. A car ozone generator is great for removing tobacco smoke, food and body odors, but people will continue to ride in them and create new odors. In addition, ozone will remove smells and eliminate odors in a musty basement, but moisture can allow the problem to recur over time. In other words, ozone generators are often needed again.

Why do Ozone Generator Rental Companies Rent their Machines?

Quite simply, renting is very profitable for Ozonator rental companies. They can sometimes make almost as much profit from a single ozone generator rental as they do by selling one. And once you send back the ozone generator, you’re left with nothing. If odors return (as they sometimes will), or if another job with hard-to-remove odors comes up, you have to pay for another ozone generator rental.

Save Time and Money: Buy an OdorFree Machine

There’s no need renting an ozone generator, especially if you may need to use one again, when you can buy an OdorFree ozone generator for just a bit more. Call the Odor Answer Line at 800-588-6723 for more information today!

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